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Kee Safety launches GIRDERFIX, a new off the shelf steel connection solution

Kee Safety launches GIRDERFIX, a new off the shelf steel connection solution

Kee Safety has expanded its comprehensive range of  steel connection solutions with the launch of GIRDERFIX, an off the shelf system which is designed to eliminate the need for on-site welding and drilling.

An off-the-shelf engineered clamping product, the uniquely designed GIRDERFIX system provides a method for connecting two steel sections together at a 90 degree angle. Consisting of four clamps which are secured at each corner of the structures intersection, GIRDERFIX allows for a strong, reliable connection that requires no welding, drilling or fabrication. With its robust structure, it is also possible to relocate and reuse the fixture.

“GIRDERFIX is the ideal product for both temporary and permanent steel-fixing requirements,” explains Matt Jordan, Group Product Manager at Kee Safety. “Due to its design, it fits a variety of different applications and combinations and eliminates the need for a large selection of clamps, packing pieces and different bolt lengths.  This reduces the amount of time installers spend on site, which ultimately saves on costs.”

Due to its structure and flexibility, GIRDERFIX eliminates the need for multiple parts, as it caters for many size requirements, reducing the downtime required to obtain more specific products. With a quick, five minute installation time, GIRDERFIX is easier to install than traditional connection methods and assemblies. Typical applications include the installation of temporary lifting beams or runway beams for monorail and crane systems.